When does the training have the best effect?

When a coach is able to influence both the level of knowledge and behaviour of participants.

That is why training courses concerning data visualisation and designing dashboards are not limited to exercises performed during the training. The participants have a homework to do on their own:

  1. Improve 1 chart using good practice learnt during the training
  2. Transform 1 report into a managerial or analytical dashboard

After finishing these tasks a participant pastes the images to presentation and sends it to kontakt@skuteczneraporty.pl. After positive verification of the task a participant receives a certificate for the completion of the training and performance of tasks as well as an infographic “25 rules on data visualisation”.

The process of certification guarantees the greatest effects of the training, what encourages participants to improve reports which are available within their organisations. Many participants from such companies as: Orlen, PKO BP, ING, Play and Millward Brown went through this process.