Hi, I’m Bartosz – the founder of ExcelBIAcademy.com and Maps-for-Excel.com. I have been working in Excel for years, and my blogging and training adventure would not be possible without maps. I created the first map in Excel in 2010, when maps were not available in Excel, but a lot has changed since then:

  • In Excel 365 we have a built-in 3D Map on the Insert tab (it was already available for Excel 2013 as Power Map, then it entered Excel 2016 as a 3D map)
  • In Excel 365 we have a Filled map visualization as an additional chart
  • I have provided 2 free applications: Excel World Map (for countries) and Custom Excel Map
  • You can download add-ins with maps to Excel, e.g. Bing Map
  • Since 2015 dashboards with maps can be designed in a separate free application – Power BI
  • The world does not end with Excel and Power BI – we all use maps daily in mapping services (e.g. Google Maps)

One thing hasn’t changed: Nothing impresses your audience more than quickly moving data from a table to a map.

Over the years of working with maps in terms of their visualization and analysis, I have gathered many valuable experiences that I have long wanted to share. I recorded the course in such a way that each user could face all the tasks on their own, even without watching the video, and then check the results. But if you are new to maps, there are full-length videos that give you a step-by-step overview of how different charts and options work. I also talk a lot about traps and problems that are not lacking in working with maps. This is my third free course at the ExcelBIAcademy.com. The previous two are: Excel Formulas & Data Operations and Excel PivotTables.

The course is also a great preparation for further deepening the knowledge about creating reports in Excel - using Power Query, Power Pivot, dashboards and Power BI.

6 reasons why you should take the course

  • Many tools

    In the course, I show all the options related to maps in Excel and Power BI.

  • Only practical exercises

    Most of the scenarios were inspired by life – customers and readers asked about it.

  • All materials for download

    Below you will find a full set of downloadable materials that you can use however you want. Moreover, there are some extra tools to make your job easier.

  • Common pitfalls

    Maps are not free from problems and errors (e.g. in the process of geocoding). In the course you will learn what to watch out for.

  • Excel 365 news

    I recorded the course in 2020 and used new charts such as the Filled map. Moreover, the course will be constantly updated with what’s new in Excel.

  • Project examples

    In the course, I share examples of projects completed for various clients.

How to participate in the course?

The course is 100% free and freely available on YouTube. You can take part in it in 2 ways:

On YouTube

The lessons are organized into a playlist, and you can download the exercises below.

On ExcelBIAcademy.com (work in progress)

ExcelBIAcademy.com is my online training platform, where the course is available for free. To access it, create a free account, provide your details and e-mail and click “ORDER AND PAY”. You will automatically log in to the course and you will receive your login details by e-mail. In case of any problems, please contact me at contact@maps-for-excel.com.

If you already have an account at the Academy, log in > go to the main page excelbiacademy.com > add the course to the basket and confirm.

Advantages of taking the course at the Academy

  • Certificate

    At the end of the course, I put a post-training task in which I encourage you to use your skills in practice and send me the results of your work. After completing the task, you will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the course and a bonus infographic “25 useful charts”.

  • Discussion

    The ExcelBIAcademy.com platform allows you to ask questions, which will allow you and other participants to discuss right below the material.

  • Progress tracking

    By marking the lessons as completed, you will easily return to the course.

  • Task descriptions, additional materials and division into lessons

    In the Academy, I put a full description of tasks and additional elements (such as images and links), and the whole course is divided into main lessons.

Where can I find the data files used in the course?

Click here to download the materials. You can also find them on the start page of the course at the Academy.

What’s included in the course?

2 hours of HD video course
> 30 step-by-step tasks
Only proven and practical advice
DYI exercises
Free access from any device
Additional materials in the form of links and images
Certification after training
Discussion in comments

What version of Excel do I need?

I recorded the course in 2020 in Office 365, but you will do a large part of the course in previous versions. Here is the detailed information on each version of Excel:

  • Excel 2007/2010 – 3D Map does not work, there is no Filled map, you cannot download Bing Maps, install Power Query for Excel 2010
  • Excel 2013 – install the Power Map add-in (but you cannot add your own shapes), install Power Query
  • Excel 2016 – The 3D Map may have some minor interface differences, Power Query is called New Query on the Data tab
  • Regardless of the version, download the current version of Power BI for free.

Sample lesson: The first map in 3D Map

Who is the course for?

  • The course is aimed at both beginners and advanced users of Excel. Everyone interested in maps and Excel will find something for themselves.
  • From my experience, the course will be especially useful in the following departments: sales, logistics, controlling, finance, planning, analysis, production (plant and product maps) and many others.
  • If you are interested in a particular tool, you can only find the lessons that apply to it.

What do participants think about my courses?


The lecturer provides a lot of information that cannot be found in textbooks or studies. Encouraged by this course, I bought the entire package of online courses.


It is indeed a course for everyone – for beginners and advanced Excel users.


I have been working in Excel for many years and I thought that in this matter nothing would surprise me – I was wrong 🙂


Participation in the course attracted me more than the series on Netflix.

What is the course agenda?

Lesson 1. Power Map 3D
  • 1.1. My first 3D map
  • 1.2. Stacked column chart in 3D Map
  • 1.3. Pie chart in 3D Map
  • 1.4. Heatmap in 3D Map
  • 1.5. Filled map in 3D Map
  • 1.6. Show changes over time in 3D Map
  • 1.7. Show distinct count
  • 1.8. Export 3D Map to a presentation
  • 1.9. 3D Map with Power Pivot
  • 1.10. DYI: Power Map 3D
Lesson 2. Working with addresses in 3D Map
  • 2.1. Automatic geocoding
  • 2.2. Manual geocoding
  • 2.3. Batch geocoding using Power Query and Here Maps
  • 2.4. DYI: Working with addresses in 3D Map
Lesson 3. Other ways to create a map in Excel
  • 3.1. Filled map in Excel 365
  • 3.2. Bing Maps for Excel
  • 3.3. Custom shapes in 3D Map on the example of Europe NUTS map
  • 3.4. Maps-for-Excel.com Excel World Map (for free)
  • 3.5. Custom background in 3D Map
  • 3.6. Custom background in Maps-for-Excel.com Map (for free)
  • 3.7. DYI: Other ways to create a map in Excel
Lesson 4. Maps in Power BI
  • 4.1. Filled map in Power BI
  • 4.2. Bubble map in Power BI
  • 4.3. Hierarchy on a bubble map in Power BI
  • 4.4. Heatmap in Power BI
  • 4.5. ArcGIS map in Power BI
  • 4.6. DYI: Maps in Power BI
Lesson 5. Examples of map projects in Excel & Power BI
  • 5.1. How to create your custom regional division?
  • 5.2. How to create a map on a custom background in Power BI?
  • 5.3. How to calculate the distance between 2 locations?
  • 5.4. How to find the nearest postcode?
  • 5.5. How to show flows and routes on the map?
  • 5.6. How to combine postcodes (on the example of IQVIA pharma bricks)?

If you still have questions

Send an e-mail at contact@maps-for-excel.com or call me at +48 500 196 861.