The lecturer provides a lot of information that cannot be found in textbooks or studies. Encouraged by this course, I bought the entire package of online courses.


It is indeed a course for everyone – for beginners and advanced Excel users.


I have been working in Excel for many years and I thought that in this matter nothing would surprise me – I was wrong 🙂


Participation in the course attracted me more than the series on Netflix.


“We were immediately impressed with the software, and after a brief familiarization period, the features they provide are clear and relatively easy to use.”

Martin HubertAnalyst, Reppa GmbH

“In our work with a customer database, we used the product to create the following types of maps in Excel:

  • Map of the trade representatives, divided into postal codes,
  • Number of customers per area by postal code,
  • Sales per area by postal code.

In case of problems, the company provides assistance with every step of making its own reports.”

Jacek TarachProject coordinator at Scania

“The program I bought has fully met my expectations, thanks to the program, I can visualize my results in an easily accessible and readable way, while at the same time allowing me to evaluate the work of my sales representatives quickly and effectively The help of the program will help to avoid errors in the correction of the boundaries, which has been a major challenge. “

Michał BorysowCommercial Director, V33

“We have purchased the 2012 program and used it to visualize data from our company’s stores. The application has proven to be easy to use and has enabled an innovative way of evaluating key factors that are important to certain parts of the country.”

Andrzej KwapieńChief Financial Controller, Inter-Team

“We use the program we have acquired for analytical purposes, and this easy-to-use program allows us to easily visualize our sales data for specific articles and regions on the map.”

Anna GaweckaSpecialist in the field of public tenders, Bialmed

“The product I use works intuitively and clearly. The generated reports are easy to read.”

Tomasz JończykLeiter Logistik, Arvato