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Excel Map is a comfortable to use and flexible software allowing to relate data to locations in respect of administrative division of the World into countries. It is effective in supporting commercial, marketing, and market analyses, customer analyses, demographic and statistical analyses. Its universal character, being embedded in MS Excel environment and its capability of connecting to other files make it a programme that can be used by companies and organisations of any specialisation.

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Slide How does the software interface look like?

Slide YouTube Video What functionalities does the application have? I would like you to familiarise yourself with a video clip presenting all options of the software.

Slide functionalities Filled Map A map displaying the intensity of a given phenomenon in individual states and districts with changing hues. The point of reference of a given hue is the legend located beside the map. The software has many predefined colour sets. The advantage of this feature is that the choropleth map is simple and easy to understand. Slide functionalities Regional division Group of areas on a map may be assigned to names, they may be coloured or marked on a map. Slide functionalities Bubble chart An additional option is to control colours and add your own points (e.g. coordinates of addresses). Slide functionalities Column chart The software allows the creation of small column charts on a map (so called cartodiagrams). We can define 10 series of data. Slide functionalities Pie chart Same as in the case of a column chart, a pie chart is created. It shows percentage of categories. Its additional option is to present relationships between the sum of results - the higher the sum of data for a pie chart is, the bigger the circle is. Slide functionalities Post codes The data is put in the arrangement: postal code, numerical value. Slide functionalities Stats The database of a few basic indicators of the statistical office for each district: population, area, and population density. The feature allows to relate the available data to, e.g. the number of inhabitants. This way, for example a market potential of a given district (e.g. sales vs. number of inhabitants) can be examined. Slide functionalities Cooperation with pivot tables and slicers a slicer is a quick way to filter the data in a pivot table. Map settings allow us to link it with other pivot tables and filters, such as a slicer and a timeline, providing the User with fast analysis of the data on a map. Slide functionalities Different formatting options The software includes vast possibilities of formatting objects and shapes: labels, key, colours, hiding shapes. Also standard commands for drawing additional shapes and objects work on the map (e.g. outlines).

Slide How much does the software cost? Q&A The price depends on the number of licenses for creators (readers are free of charge): Custom Excel Map
  • The fee is paid only once and the obtained licence is lifetime

  • During the 1st year you are provided with a free update which concerns administrative changes, postal codes or data from statistical office as well as new software functionalities.

  • After the 1st year you may extend the update and support period for another year, paying 25% of the licence value; however, it is not mandatory.

Slide Q&A How to purchase it
and get a map?
Purchase it from the shop (put a product in a basket and enter the invoice information) and choose one out of two methods of payment: PayPal Regular bank transfer immediate payment from PayPal account or by credit card payment on the basis of VAT invoice with a term of payment of 14 days (or longer after telephone agreement) The choice of payment method does not affect the order processing time - we always deliver a map within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order using an e-mail address provided in the order.

What Excel version does the software operate on? COMPATIBILITY The software is compatible with: Every desktop version of Excel: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 365 for Windows 32- and 64-bit versions of Excel Excel purchased as a part of Microsoft 365 provided that you have a desktop version Excel installed on computers using iOS operating system (e.g. Mac) Excel operating at portal.office.com website, e.g. Office 365 with no desktop version The software is not compatible with:

10 reasons why you should purchase the software:

  • Rich credentials

    A map is used, amongst others, by: Coca-Cola, Bosch, Siemens, Poczta Polska, PGNiG, 3M, Żabka, Neuca, Big Star, Rockwool, Husqvarna, mBank, Mars. See more credentials.

  • Delivery within 24 hours.

    We deliver the product by e-mail at the latest within 24 hours. We may shorten the order processing time to the minimum at your request. You do not bear any additional costs concerning the shipment.

  • Lifetime licence

    The purchased licence allows you to use the software for an unlimited period of time, without any additional costs. Optionally, you may only purchase updates after 1 year of using the map.

  • Knowledge base and support

    We are aware that when starting work using Excel Map you may need help, and that is why, except for complex instruction, articles from the knowledge base (below) and video movies, you also have one hour of online consultation in order to help you with preparation of data and linking the data to the programme.

  • Simple operation

    The map is easy to use and creating the first map will take you only several minutes. The map uses standard elements of Excel programme – sheets, charts, formatting.

  • No installation

    The map does not need to be installed and it does not require you to have any administrator’s rights. A report created in the program will look the same and work the same on a pc of a recipient of your report.

  • Variety of visualisation

    Cartogram, bubble, column and pie charts are the main forms of presenting the data on maps and all of them are included in the program.

  • Possibility of personalisation

    The software allows you to create your own colour palettes, you may mark the columns, add sheets and change names.

  • Advanced possibilities of reporting

    If you are an advanced user of Excel, you will appreciate the possibility of linking the map to a pivot table and slicers or adding additional controls of a form.

  • Postal codes

    If your reference data includes postal codes, you may quickly transfer the data to the software using built-in database and the mechanism of their assignment.

“We were immediately impressed with the software, and after a brief familiarization period, the features they provide are clear and relatively easy to use.”

Martin HubertAnalyst, Reppa GmbH

“In our work with a customer database, we used the product to create the following types of maps in Excel:

  • Map of the trade representatives, divided into postal codes,
  • Number of customers per area by postal code,
  • Sales per area by postal code.

In case of problems, the company SkuteczneRaporty.pl provides assistance with every step of making its own reports.”

Jacek TarachProject coordinator at Scania

“The program I bought has fully met my expectations, thanks to the program, I can visualize my results in an easily accessible and readable way, while at the same time allowing me to evaluate the work of my sales representatives quickly and effectively The help of the program will help to avoid errors in the correction of the boundaries, which has been a major challenge. “

Michał BorysowCommercial Director, V33

“We have purchased the 2012 program and used it to visualize data from our company’s stores. The application has proven to be easy to use and has enabled an innovative way of evaluating key factors that are important to certain parts of the country.”

Andrzej KwapieńChief Financial Controller, Inter-Team

“We use the program we have acquired for analytical purposes, and this easy-to-use program allows us to easily visualize our sales data for specific articles and regions on the map.”

Anna GaweckaSpecialist in the field of public tenders, Bialmed

“The product I use works intuitively and clearly. The generated reports are easy to read.”

Tomasz JończykLeiter Logistik, Arvato

Slide Does the software require installation? No, the software is saved in Excel file as a macro-enabled workbook (.xlsm file type) and it does not require installation and any administrator’s rights. Excel map needs macros to be enabled as the instructions are saved in VBA programming language. Slide Does the programme require an advanced knowledge of Excel? No. The software is easy to use and it will not cause any problems even to the beginners. The Users have at their disposal different forms of familiarising themselves with the programme - instruction manual, video clips, free hour of consultation and, if needed, stationary training.

How to test the software?

Download the demo and try it out yourself

We offer you the possibility of testing the main functionalities of the Excel Map software. The demo is limited to several administrative areas. The demo can be found on the following website: Download demo.

Send and see your data

Send your data to us and you will receive a file including a presentation of numbers on a map or personalised demo with your data.

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Number of licenses

1 PC, 3 PC, unlimited


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